ІІ Lviv Tourism Conference “Win with the Lion!”

15-17th of November 2010

Leopolis Hall

TM "Opera Passage" - 4th floor
Lviv, Svobody avn., 27

“City tourism – creating win-win situations for stakeholders”

15 November

Official opening

Andriy Sadovyy, Mayor of the City of Lviv
Vasyl Horbal, Head of the Regional State Administration in Lviv
Udo Heine, Managing Director,  Leopolis Hotel, Lviv, Ukraine
Dr John Heeley, Director of Best Destination Marketing, writer, teacher and consultant specialising in city marketing, and Interim Chief Executive Officer of European Cities Marketing (the federation of European cities‘ tourist and convention bureaus), Sheffield, England.

Presentation: Urban destination marketing in Western Europe – public-private partnership and best practice.

Official presentation of Lviv membership in the “European Cities Marketing” (the federation of European cities‘ tourist and convention bureaus)
Followed by: Standing reception

16 November

9.00-9.30 Participants' Registration

9.30-9.50 - Adam Mikolajczyk
Presentation: "The brand of the city vs the brand of the event"
On the occasion of the UEFA EURO 2012тм there will surely be held in Lviv many events (greater and lesser caliber), organized by public and by private companies. The presentation covers how to create and market branded events, and how such events can affect or build the city brand

9.50–10.10 - Dr John Heeley
Presentation: "City marketing in Europe – concept, application and evaluation"
Сity marketing spearheaded by an umbrella destination brand is a ‘hot’ topic! Thе presentation appraises the extent to which cities in Western Europe are currently marketing themselves in this way as first choice destinations to visit and as desirable places in which to live, work, and invest

10.10-10.30 - Olivier Ponti
Presentation: "City marketing. The I Amsterdam brand"
Olivier Ponti, French city tourism manager, has put Amsterdam in the center of his professional and private live. He will show you the running campaign of the Amsterdam City Tourist Office and its partners.

10.30-10.45 – Questions & Answers Session

10.45–11.00 – Coffee Break

11.00-11.20 - Andriy Sydor
Presentation:" Events as a marketing tool for city promotion"
Are events just nice candies for tourists already in town, - or can you make them an effective marketing tool for promoting the whole destination? Is a city destination mainly defined by its sights – or can you make it appear as a bright star in today’s event-driven culture and society? Andrij Sydor tries to give you realistic answers to these questions with his experience as event manager in Lviv.

11.20-11.40 - Andriy Khudo, Mark Zarkhin
Presentation: "Lviv: Gastronomy as a Lviv tourist product"
For those who would never experience fine hospitality in ex-communist countries, Lviv’s gastronomic delights may be a real surprise. Those who know the city’s history may be remembered to the dining pleasures of the Danube Monarchy. Those who just go the hedonistic way of life will miss nothing in Lviv. You will be presented a success story.

11.40-12.00 - Ostap Protsyk
Presentation:"The Lviv Brand"

12.00-13.00 - Questions & Answers Session. Roundtable on Lviv city branding

13.00-14.00 -  Break

14.00-14.20 – Xavier Bailly
Presentation: How to win the image of a lion “Heritage in Amiens, the living strength of tourism”
“Colorization of the Cathedral of Amiens ”. How to manage a successful project with mix: ITC, innovation, science, heritage, tourism, economics and a large audience

14.20–14.40 - Adam Buckmaster
Presentation: “Groups mean business: A Charter for successful tourism”
The Charter sets out a code of best practice for managing and welcoming tourist groups .

14.40-15.00 -
Roger Pride
Presentation: "Wales: A Challenger Approach to place Branding"
The presentation examines why places need to brand themselves and highlights some fundamental principles of place branding. It explains with examples from the commercial world, the principle of "Challenger Branding". It then shows how we have used these principles to brand Wales. It will also show the importance of citizen engagement in the process of place branding again using a case study from Wales.

15.00–15.20 - Oleg Zasadnyy

Presentation:  “UEFA EURO 2012тм - in the Lviv tourism development

15.20–15.45 - Questions & Answers Session

15.45-16.00  Coffee Break

16.00-16.20 - Mathias Brandt
Presentation: "UEFA Euro 2012 тм – How to capitalize on a major sporting  event"
The presentation will outline the main activities for and during the event and will be based on the experience of the World Football Championship in Germany 2006 and partially the UEFA Euro 2008 тм  in Austria and Switzerland. It will highlight some core features and goals to be achieved.

16.20–16.40 -  Roger Pride  
Presentation: "A Welsh Ryder Cup"
This presentation looks at the strategy developed to create a sense of occasion and a sense of place around the recent Ryder Cup in Wales, a distinguished golfing event. It also looks at the techniques used to boost Wales‘ reputation in the World. It will also stress the importance of creating the conditions to ensure a lasting legacy from major events

16.40-17.00 - Gabriela Schweinberger
Presentation: "Berlin Tourism Marketing Ltd.: A model for successful partnership between public and private sector in cities' tourism"
Berlin Tourism Marketing Ltd. is a private company funded by many stakeholders, own profits and by contributions of the city administration for performing public services to tourists. It is the most prominent example of private-public partnership in Germany’s city tourism. Ms. Schweinberger is the company’s department head for tourist services.

17.00-17.40 - Nicholas B.R. Robinson
Presentation: "Warsaw Destination Alliance – promotion through a collective effort"

17.40–18.00 Questions & Answers Session

17 November

9.30-9.50 - Yevhen Samartsev
Presentation: “Public-Private Partnership as an effective mechanism for tourism development”

9.50-10.10 - Gabriela Schweinberger

Presentation: "Customer Services of Berlin TIC: boosting the efficiency of TIC for the benefit of the destination while increasing the financial output"
Answering visitors‘inquiries does not mean just an expression of hospitality, - it has to make profit, too. Ms. Schweinberger will present the professional results Berlin can be proud of

10.10-10.30 - Olivier Ponti
Presentation: "Effective use of market intelligence to promote your destination better and increase visitor satisfaction"
Market research is Mr Ponti’s prime concern. His abilities and experience in this field were crucial for being invited from Paris to Amsterdam to work there

10.30–10.45 - Questions & Answers Session
10.45–11.00  - Coffee Break

11.00–11.20 - Magdalena Sroka

Presentation: “Cooperation of Krakow Festival Office with external partners on culture and tourism range”

11.20-11.40 - Thierry Miniewski

Presentation: “How to win the strength of a lion with the best skills in food and catering sector"
The presentation will focus on improving training methods in technical jobs (ITC), facilitate and update learning of professional techniques for young people, promote training teams’ skills, promote the image of craft trades and catering, encourage mobility over in Europe

11.40-12.00 - Olena Holysheva
Presentation: "The Tourist Information Center – the mandatory element of the city product and an index of its quality"

12.00-12.20 - Yanina Havrylova
Presentation: "The experience of the Ukrainian  Association of Tourist Information Centers and Visitor Centers. The special projects for a stable development of the TICs"
Exchanging experiences, problems and results throughout the Ukraine, the country’s TIC experts together have found some important results and conclusions for the TIC performance

12.20-12.40 - Questions & Answers Session

Closing of the Conference
"TripAdvisor, and I personally, are very happy to participate in this event. The Ukraine market is becoming more and more important and we are very happy to share experiences and thoughts with the audience and are looking forward to doing more business with our existing partners and new partners"
Thomas Bangert, Director Display EU, TripAdvisor
"It’s a great opportunity to meet with professionals of the tourism and hotel industry, provide them with a better understanding of Booking.com vision and probably help to find something new and valuable for our common business."
Ekaterina Volkova, Director of Booking.com Office in Ukraine

“The Forum is first of all and most importantly about generating debate within Ukraine and within the city. Because until that debate happens at local level, no country, no destination, no city can actually really compete on the international market.”

Paul Kennedy, Director and Owner of Kennedy Integrated Solutions

“Для меня как организатора событий важно встретить коллег и пообщаться с коллегами из соседних областей: из области туризма, из области отелей и ресторанов. Это также чудесная возможность найти точки соприкосновения, где мы можем помочь друг другу.”

Тимур Мазур, керуючий партнер Агентства 42

“Через обговорення і зустрічі в рамках Форуму ми краще розуміємо, які ще потрібно заходи і пріоритети визначити, для того щоб ми дійсно спромоглися реалізувати комплексну стратегію розвитку міста і робити місто комфортним, привабливим для мешканців і для бізнесу.”

Сергій Кіраль, Львівська міська рада
“The Win with the Lion conference in Lviv is a very professionally organised congress which provides very useful and practical up-to-date information to its participants. I especially like the wide range of tourism related topics covered during its meetings, which give a good overview of the hottest topics in tourism today.”
Gabriela Schweinberger, international business coach and consultant, Berlin, Germany
“Win with the Lion is an event that everyone, even the most experienced travel professional, can learn from. It’s a great opportunity to hear experiences, share ideas and make connections. And the fact that it’s held in a gem of a city like Lviv just makes it even more appealing.”
Nick Greenfield, European Tour Operators Association, London, Great Britain