About the Forum

The Tourism Forum “Win with the Lion” is an annual tourism dedicated event held in Lviv, a historic tourist destination in the western part of Ukraine. Each year, the Forum attracts travel industry leaders, decision-makers, C-level executives and young aspiring tourism professionals from all over Ukraine and other countries under one roof to present dynamic content, covering a variety of the hottest topics for the travel marketplace, discover the next market-changing trends, seek fresh ideas, establish new partnerships and unite stakeholders to champion the cause of tourism development.

The Forum was initiated as a tourism conference back in 2009 when Lviv as a tourist destination realised the need for strong commitment from the city’s decision-makers and industry representatives if it wanted to position itself firmly on the world tourism map. Besides, being a cultural capital of Ukraine, a young and dynamic city of innovation, ideas, talented and creative human potential, Lviv could not have stayed on the sidelines.In that context Wolfgang Kraus, Strategy Director for Vienna Tourist Board, as one of the speakers and partners of the First Lviv Tourism Conference came up with its slogan “Win with the Lion”:

"We will win with the lion, the symbol of Lviv, if we all consider creating win-win situations among the many stakeholders of the tourism business in the Central European yet Ukrainian metropolis with its outstanding heritage of many cultures. It's all about involving ourselves and our partners, enhancing our products and services, presenting the city and its events worth being visited by guests from many countries, succeeding in our tasks and enterprises." 

Since 2009 the Forum has been evolving year by year, growing both in size and scope, but always loyal to its key tasks of involving, enhancing, presenting and effecting.

The Forum offers a wide array of various formats to discuss, discover, confront and capitalise on the latest trends and opportunities in travel: panel discussions, workshops, master classes, business lunches, networking events, politicians’ networks, young leaders’ initiatives etc. Over the years “Win with the Lion” has covered multiple topics with a different “headliner” each year:

2009: Theory and practice of tourism and city branding – experience of Lviv and other cities
2010: City tourism: creating win-win situations for stakeholders
2011: How to catch trends and travellers: Involve. Enhance. Present. Effect
2012: Meetings and events industry: Are you ready to benefit?
Upcoming 2013: Creating competitive tourism products and experiences, latest tourism trends, new sales and marketing channels.

The Tourism Forum “Win with the Lion” invites you to Lviv! Catch the wave of tourism and grab hold of it together with us!

"TripAdvisor, and I personally, are very happy to participate in this event. The Ukraine market is becoming more and more important and we are very happy to share experiences and thoughts with the audience and are looking forward to doing more business with our existing partners and new partners"
Thomas Bangert, Director Display EU, TripAdvisor
"It’s a great opportunity to meet with professionals of the tourism and hotel industry, provide them with a better understanding of Booking.com vision and probably help to find something new and valuable for our common business."
Ekaterina Volkova, Director of Booking.com Office in Ukraine

“The Forum is first of all and most importantly about generating debate within Ukraine and within the city. Because until that debate happens at local level, no country, no destination, no city can actually really compete on the international market.”

Paul Kennedy, Director and Owner of Kennedy Integrated Solutions

“Для меня как организатора событий важно встретить коллег и пообщаться с коллегами из соседних областей: из области туризма, из области отелей и ресторанов. Это также чудесная возможность найти точки соприкосновения, где мы можем помочь друг другу.”

Тимур Мазур, керуючий партнер Агентства 42

“Через обговорення і зустрічі в рамках Форуму ми краще розуміємо, які ще потрібно заходи і пріоритети визначити, для того щоб ми дійсно спромоглися реалізувати комплексну стратегію розвитку міста і робити місто комфортним, привабливим для мешканців і для бізнесу.”

Сергій Кіраль, Львівська міська рада
“The Win with the Lion conference in Lviv is a very professionally organised congress which provides very useful and practical up-to-date information to its participants. I especially like the wide range of tourism related topics covered during its meetings, which give a good overview of the hottest topics in tourism today.”
Gabriela Schweinberger, international business coach and consultant, Berlin, Germany
“Win with the Lion is an event that everyone, even the most experienced travel professional, can learn from. It’s a great opportunity to hear experiences, share ideas and make connections. And the fact that it’s held in a gem of a city like Lviv just makes it even more appealing.”
Nick Greenfield, European Tour Operators Association, London, Great Britain