"Win with the Lion. Young Leaders Challenge"

Two brightest students-participants of "Win with the Lion. Young Leaders Challenge" programme 2012 took part in Insternational Summer University Carinthia, Austria in July 2013.

Anastasiya Panasyuk (Lviv, Ukraine) is happy to share her emotions about "Win with the Lion" and iSUC experience:
To begin with, it is almost impossible to comprise all the knowledge and emotions gained in one or two abstracts. I found out about the "Win with the Lion" Forum spontaneously, by the word of mouth from friends and saw this event as a good platform for my further development. During two days of Forum itself I was deeply impressed by the level of organization, the reports of the guests and by the favourable attitude to students who were given a unique chance to feel themselves like real tourism experts. Fascinated and inspired after this occasion, I did not imagine that it was only beginning of the most unforgettable experience of my life – International Summer University Carinthia. As it was my first time being a participant of summer university in general, I was ready to invest into my memory as much as possible, but, frankly speaking, I was on the tenterhooks, as I did not have a general idea what should I expect (eventually, it was my first trip to Austria). Having arrived in Villach, I met one of the organizers Maria, who greeted my with a broad smile and hugs. That was the time when I felt being a part of a big iSUC family. Firstly, I want to thank an amazing organizing team, who were supporting every participant from time to time. They did their utmost, creating a friendly environment for study and fun. Secondly, iSUC became a treasurehouse for the development of young people, as we were given the opportunity to study the real cases, cultivate and present our own ideas. I was the part of "Klagenfurt Airport" Team: our task was to develop a social media strategy to enhance the number of passengers and popularize the Airport. Every day we had time for the workshops, when we were discussing, creating, gathering the ideas, interviewing the CEO of the Airport, again discussing – so to say, young people with an avalanche of thoughts and only 10 minutes for the final presenation. But when the time for the presentation approached, we were working the whole night to make a structured report and include the ideas of everyone. Finally, I am really proud of what we have done: we acted like a real team, we managed to bring something new and we became friends, what I consider to be the merit of our facilitator Lida, who gave us the right direction. 

Besides, we had a magnificent entertainment programme: Boat trip, Cultural Evening, Alpen Adria Tour, Talent Show etc. In addition, the fact that I chat with the participants of the iSUC on the Facebook every single day, look through the common photos and still feel the spirit of Carinthia, shows that this page of my life will warm me forever.

Olena Vodolaz (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) shares her experience during iSUC, Austria:
"Thanks to your “Win with the Lion” Tourism Forum, I heard about the program Summer University Carinthia and participated in it. I had a fantastic time there: useful, informative and fun. During 10 days, we attended lectures and seminars (speakers: professors from Austria, the USA, Switzerland, and Carinthian business people). We were working on real cases, for example, in my track Destination Management and Tourism, we have developed a communication strategy and communication plan that considers all opportunities with regards to Social Media for Kärnten Airport. It was an amazing experience with wonderful people who came from around the world. I'm happy to meet such bright, talented and easygoing persons! The students were from 21 countries, probably because of that, Cultural night was memorable event for me. In addition, we had a lovely Alpen Adria Tour, so we all took a trip to northern Italy visiting Duino Castle and Trieste.  Unforgettable time - a great investment in the future.".

During the 2nd round of "Win with the Lion. Young Leaders Challenge" committee selected 2 best students basing their decision on essay contest.

Essay topic: Mega-events and the follow-up: using the infrastructure after hosting great events (EURO 2012 in Ukraine as an example)

Basic requirements for essay:

- Language: English
- 3 pages (Times New Roman, 12 font, 1850 charactsers per page).

Two best essay authors had an opportunity to participate in International Summer University Carinthia in July 2013 with education and accommodation expenses being covered by organisers. Travel, visa, and health insurance costs were to be covered by participants themselves.

The winners of the 2nd round:
1. Anastasiya Panasyuk (Lviv, Ukraine)
2. Olena Vodolaz (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)

1st round: participation in "Win with the Lion" Tourism Forum
The winners of 1st round had an opportunity to attend all the Forum events - presentations, panel duscussions, and workshops, this way expanding their professional network. Selection process was based on short motivation letter and CV previously sent by programme applicants.

Forum organisers would like to thank their educational partners (iSUC) and all the applicants!

Coordinator of "Win with the Lion. Young Leaders Challenge" in frames of the 4th "Win with the Lion" Tourism Forum in Lviv:
Eleonora Provozin: eleonora.provozin@congress.lviv.ua

"TripAdvisor, and I personally, are very happy to participate in this event. The Ukraine market is becoming more and more important and we are very happy to share experiences and thoughts with the audience and are looking forward to doing more business with our existing partners and new partners"
Thomas Bangert, Director Display EU, TripAdvisor
"It’s a great opportunity to meet with professionals of the tourism and hotel industry, provide them with a better understanding of Booking.com vision and probably help to find something new and valuable for our common business."
Ekaterina Volkova, Director of Booking.com Office in Ukraine

“The Forum is first of all and most importantly about generating debate within Ukraine and within the city. Because until that debate happens at local level, no country, no destination, no city can actually really compete on the international market.”

Paul Kennedy, Director and Owner of Kennedy Integrated Solutions

“Для меня как организатора событий важно встретить коллег и пообщаться с коллегами из соседних областей: из области туризма, из области отелей и ресторанов. Это также чудесная возможность найти точки соприкосновения, где мы можем помочь друг другу.”

Тимур Мазур, керуючий партнер Агентства 42

“Через обговорення і зустрічі в рамках Форуму ми краще розуміємо, які ще потрібно заходи і пріоритети визначити, для того щоб ми дійсно спромоглися реалізувати комплексну стратегію розвитку міста і робити місто комфортним, привабливим для мешканців і для бізнесу.”

Сергій Кіраль, Львівська міська рада
“The Win with the Lion conference in Lviv is a very professionally organised congress which provides very useful and practical up-to-date information to its participants. I especially like the wide range of tourism related topics covered during its meetings, which give a good overview of the hottest topics in tourism today.”
Gabriela Schweinberger, international business coach and consultant, Berlin, Germany
“Win with the Lion is an event that everyone, even the most experienced travel professional, can learn from. It’s a great opportunity to hear experiences, share ideas and make connections. And the fact that it’s held in a gem of a city like Lviv just makes it even more appealing.”
Nick Greenfield, European Tour Operators Association, London, Great Britain